The Metroracle project ended in April 2023.


Blockchain oracles compliant with metrology standards
AKA The IoT data ennobled through proven trust

IoT <-> Digital Transformation of Metrology <-> Blockchain

Metroracle system overview

The main parts of a system are IoT devices with sensors that measure data, digital algorithms for metrology that ensure traceability/trustworthiness of measurement and oracles for integration with blockchain.

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IoT Devices

Various methods and technologies are proposed to establish trust in IoT-measured data. In our opinion, it is necessary to rely on well-defined metrology standards such as WELMEC 7.2 Software Guide, WELMEC 7.3 Reference Architecture and OIML D 31 General requirements for software-controlled measuring instruments.

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Digital Transformation of Metrology

Metrology is also exposed to trends and challenges of digitalisation, which was officially recognized in the form of the Joint Statement of Intent "On the digital transformation in the international scientific and quality infrastructure" signed this year by the most important global metrological institutions and is also followed by numerous groups, initiatives, activities and events.

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Oracles and blockchain

Although blockchain technology tackles issues of security, authenticity and integrity mainly successfully, there is a remaining weakness of the starting point, i.e. verifying offline data collected through so-called oracles. This is also the case in hardware oracles that collect data measured via IoT devices, which must fulfil all trust and security criteria. This is the primary goal of this proposal - to make IoT devices “oracle-worthy”.

Our Team

… is a diverse group of enthusiastic experts and expert enthusiasts from various fields united in the mission of increasing trust in measured data.

Kruno Miličević

Team lead

Random Red

metrology, encryption

Davor Vinko

Senior researcher

Random Red

hardware, encryption

Zoran Balkić

Research advisor



Ivan Uglik

software developer


software, blockchain

Goran Horvat

Research advisor

blockchain, IoT

Mirko Köhler

Senior researcher

 software, blockchain

Ivica Lukić

Senior researcher

 software, blockchain

What Our Supporters Say

... about our ideas and plans for future projects

"As part of our international collaborations, we are already in contact to form concrete collaborations with Random Red based on PTB's work in the area of digital certificates and the use of blockchain technologies. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to further strengthen our collaboration with Random Red within the Metroracle project."
"The consortium has submitted the project proposal “22DIT02 Fundamental principles of sensor network metrology - FunSNM” for the EURAMET’s „Digital Transformation Call“ ( and Random Red is one of the unfunded beneficiaries in the consortium. In the FunSNM project it is planned that the Metroracle project will build synergy with the FunSNM proposal, e.g. by giving a technological basis applicable to the sensor networks. Therefore, we are looking forward to collaborating with the Metroracle project team in the future."
"Algebra Group focuses on intense collaboration with the industry and on supporting the development of new commercial ideas, e.g. through our Algebra LAB ( Thus, the opportunity to collaborate on the Metroracle project is important for us. For example, in future phases of the project, we would get Metroracle-supported trustworthy IoT data and the Metroracle team would get an additional real-life testing case. We are looking forward to collaborating with the Metroracle project team in the future."
"The City of Osijek expresses interest in the Metroracle project, because it increases the trustworthiness and credibility of the measurement results of the IoT sensors. We are in particular interested in the trustworthiness of measured IoT data related to life quality, like air quality indicators, noise pollution, weather data, etc. Thus, we are looking forward to the results of the Metroracle project and to the opportunity to use them in order to increase the trustworthiness of measured life quality indicators and, in doing so, to increase the trust and well-being of citizens as well."
"The digital transformation of metrology is an ongoing process which will have a significant impact on metrology traceability and thus on our business model as well. The transformation has specific requests (machine-readable information, automation of processes, etc.), which seem to be fulfilled through key properties of blockchain technology. The Metroracle project is developing a blockchain-based traceability solution which we could use in our services as well."
"Although various concepts exist for applying blockchain technology to IoT data, there is a remaining weakness o the starting point, i.e. the question is - how to ensure that data measured by IoT devices is trustworthy. This question is also important for the business cases of Smart Sense, i.e. in building and installing IoT sensors. The Metroracle project will give corresponding answers, which we could use in our solutions as well."
"In all those areas we have detected increasing usage of IoT devices, and thereby the trustworthiness of measured data will be increasingly more important in the future. Thus, the Metroracle project and its goal to ensure the trustworthiness of IoT devices and measured data according to globally accepted metrology standards are also relevant to our business plans in the future."
"EUROLAB expresses interest in the Metroracle project, because it is in line with EUROLAB’s topic “The Laboratory of the Future”. Such laboratories would become interconnected mutually (machine-to-machine) and also with remote access given to laboratory experts, who could collaborate and support each other remotely in real-time. In doing so, the trustworthiness and traceability of measured data are crucial and the Metroracle project tackles exactly this issue. Thus, we are interested in the outcomes of the Metroracle project, the possible applicability of the developed Metroracle solution for EUROLAB members."
"We believe that digital transformation of metrology is an inevitable development process, especially in automation of processes, and in metrological traceability to increase confidence in the achieved results especially when the results should be available to different interest groups. We consider Random Red's solution wide applicable with possibility of implementing in our field of interest. Therefore, we are looking forward to collaborating with the Metroracle team in the future."

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