Initial prototype test

Sun, 5 Jan 2023.

We are pleased to present a video of our prototype testing.

Video is presenting demo composed of key components of the Metroracle solution:

  • IoT device running Metroracle library (bottom left showing the live view of the device, and bottom right showing the log of the IoT device)
  • IoT Gateway with data proof publisher (publicly available in the cloud),
  • Blockchain smart contracts with business logic (Data Proof Registry)
  • User administration web application, with live display of data proofs on the left-hand side

In the first step, the IoT device is powered on and the device calculates the public address from the previously generated private key (stored within non-volatile memory) and displays the address in the bottom of the screen.

After the power on is finished, the IoT device samples the data in the form of an analogue value from a temperature sensor. After each sampling, the data is stored in the data bucket.

When a data bucket is full (50 measurement samples in this demo configuration) the measurement samples from the data bucket are hashed together to represent a fingerprint of the data, and this fingerprint together with the fingerprint of the previous bucket are digested into a current data proof hash. This hash is signed and the signature alongside the current proof hash, previous proof hash and metadata is sent to the IoT gateway.

The IoT gateway processes the request and delivers the signed proof to the Blockchain using the Data Proof Registry. After the Data Proof Registry verifies the signature, the new data event is generated.

The new data event is picked up by the User administration web application and the new proof is displayed in the live view. As new data proofs arrive, the proofs are chained to the previous proofs, creating a mathematical and visual chain of measurement data proofs.

The process is repeated for each measurement data bucket collected.

This entire process can be followed on the Blockchain explorer shown on the right-hand side of the screen.